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Our law firm Expert Legal Advice of Saint-Petersburg has been representing and protecting the interests of its clients since 2011. During this time, our team has gained invaluable experience in solving complex problems at various levels of competences and practices, which positively affects the quality of provided legal services. The company has an understanding of how and with whom we must work, therefore, among the list of legal services Expert Legal Advice you will not find:

  • «a ready-made company with nominee Director»;
  • «the VAT refund in the absence of legal grounds»;
  • «send company with debt in an offshore jurisdiction», etc.

Our specificity is to provide quality legal services in a short time and performance commitments. When it is possible in principle, clients are offered remote method as the transmission and receipt of information and documents, and payment for services. If the nature of the provided legal services face to face meetings are required, we try to simplify the process and to arrange a meeting exactly where it is easy for the customer.

We value our customers and strive to provide qualyty legal services. The quality of our services is equally high for both private and corporate clients. The task of the company Expert Legal Advice is to protect the legal interests of their clients and freeing them from necessity to learn details of the legal incidents and collisions.

To obtain initial free legal consultation, simply ask your question by phone or send it by e-mail and we will try to offer you the most correct solution.


Legal advice

The need to obtain quality legal advice can occur at any time, both in private life and in business. Regardless of what the legal is the issue, legal advice is prepared taking into account all relevant to the question of areas of law.

Legal advice allows you to define the industry, to identify a strategy for further action.

Written legal advice represents a detailed and reasoned response to a question, with links to the legislation, examples of judiciary and/or law enforcement practices, recommendations of the lawyer.

Expert legal opinion is a detailed and reasoned answer to the question with reference to the rules of law with the selection of law enforcement and/or judicial practices, conclusions and recommendations of the lawyer. Expert legal opinion usually contains an exhaustive amount of required information on controversial or conflicting questions of a particular topic and can be used as a legal basis of your arguments when interacting with government agencies, contractors, or in court.

The most popular and common are legal advice in the following areas:

  • taxes;
  • real estate;
  • housing law;
  • land law;
  • inheritance;
  • family law;
  • labor law;
  • corporate law;
  • contract law;
  • civil law;
  • administrative law;
  • insurance law.

Real estate deals support

Real estate deals differ from other means of support, as well as the relative rarity of their conclusion by the subjects of legal relations. Real estate deals require the attention of lawyers due to exceptional complexity and high cost. Real estate deal support must be executed in such a way that every prepared document and the action was flawless.

Expert Legal Advice company offers a support of real estate deals in Saint Petersburg, which includes a full complex of measures aimed at the achievement of objectives, in particular:

  • primary consultation of a lawyer;
  • drafting of contracts and other documents;
  • legal examination of documents;
  • participation of a lawyer in a negotiation process;
  • check the history of the property;
  • coordination with the relevant authorities of the change;
  • state registration of real estate deals.

Corporate practice

Regulated by the corporate law public relations arising in connection with creation, activities and termination of activities of economic partnerships and companies (corporations) cannot emerge without clear matrix of order of interaction between participants of these relations. Full legal support is necessary for adherence the rules by all parties of these relationships. Therefore, the company’s clients Expert Legal Advice suggests the following legal services:

  • consultations on corporate and other law;
  • support of transactions involving the assignment of shares or acquisition of shares;
  • registration of legal entities;
  • reorganization of legal entities;
  • liquidation of the company;
  • the bankruptcy of the company;
  • representation in court on corporate dispute.

Representation in courts

Professional representation in courts can only be ensured by specializing lawyers in the appropriate of cases types. Even an excellent procedural document may lose its relevance in litigation by reason of the representation of opponent arguments that cast doubt on your arguments. The process can be turning that will force you to change, supplement or correct legal position. The defense will be effective only if appropriate legal line will be legally correct and clearly justified. To do it correctly can only appropriately-trained lawyer.

Our lawyers understand the intricacies of judicial protection and monitoring judicial practice. This allows you to achieve maximum performance at any stage of the proceedings.

Reasonable legal expenses, incurred by persons participating in the case, in favor of which adopted a judicial act, the court shall be collected from the side who lost the case. Therefore, litigation should be entrusted only to lawyers who never will take a losing case and will provide its guarantors victory in the courts. These are the lawyers of Expert Legal Advice and they are prepared to represent your interests in arbitration disputes and lawsuits in civil cases.